Grottaia Mini Lodge

Be inspired by the new Bagno Camilla experience: wellness and relaxation with the scent of Mediterranean scrub.

Grottaia Mini Lodge solution for 2 people with private bathroom with shower and toilet. The tent is spread over a single floor, consisting of an elegant room connected to the front veranda that allows a direct link to nature.
The furniture is simple and functional, accompanied by a practical mini-bar, characteristic of the suites , and a warm courtesy light and electrical sockets to allow the recharging of personal electronic devices. The matching colors are soft and delicate for an elegant setting.

Next to the Mini Lodge, the Baby Lodge is an extra room for large families. Designed as an annexe room, it has hardwood floors, heavy duty canvas walls and doors. Equipped with two single beds that could be turn in a double room.

A special and unique experience for your children!

At your arrival you will find a bottle of Grottaia from the Caccia al Piano winery in Bolgheri and a telescope. Our gift for you and for your stellar stay !!!

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