Quality and tranquility

The Osteria del Gineprino awaits you

The restaurant's cuisine is based on a few essential features, such as the use of quality raw materials and typical Tuscan dishes such as extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes and fish, so abundant in our national coast of Livorno. The high quality of raw materials allow us to cook in a simple and genuine as Pelagic fish, which is the master in our kitchen, we prepare fresh fish, combining its delicate taste and the richness of Omega 3 so impart grace to health of our customers.

Affordable prices (minimum stay of 1 week)

- HALF BOARD Euro 22,00 per person per day - Children 3/8 years Euro 15,00
- FULL BOARD Euro 36,00 per person per day - Children 3/8 years Euro 23,00